Inspiration for design

Thanks to the special, difference of landscape and scenery, the land of over 800 rai is well preserved by the Pirompakdee family. With a vision of exquisiteness, rural lifestyle and agriculture of Mr. Piya Pirompakdee, this land field has been developed into a society for people who would love to enjoy living in an elegant with ” equilibrium” and ” pleasantness” way, and that is the intention and the beginning of the “Pirom at Vineyard”.

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Landscape Design

The general project may not have focused on the design of the landscape at the beginning of project, but at “Pirom at Vineyard”, landscape design is a key element of our project design. The distinctive difference of “Pirom at Vineyard” is that you will be impressed at your first sight with the beautiful landscape in harmony with nature, designed by Ms.Wannaporn Pornprapa from “P Landscape”, a world-renowned landscape designer who has been internationally recognized, is responsible for overseeing the design of the project at all stages to ensure that nature and buildings are harmoniously stacked. Each estate is designed to be appropriately spaced for privacy and offers the most beautiful views from all viewpoints.

Ms. Wannaporn Pornprapha

Designer information

Home Design Ideas

In order to reflect the natural beauty of the unadulterated nature, all the estates at “Pirom at Vineyard” are designed using natural materials but retain the elegance and function of the smartest, which embedded with both internal and external design. With the experience and outstanding aptitude of the famous architects, Mr. Boonlert. Hemviijitpun, the four stlyes of estate in the project is designed to serve different lifestyles, but remain with the natural, wind breeze and sunshine with the intention of allowing every family indulge in the beauty of nature without any disturbance in the way of beauty as “Less is more”.

Mrs. Boonlert Hemvijitpun